4th February 2020

10 years and counting!!

10 years and counting!!

The end of January represents a huge milestone for Barker Proudlove with it being our 10th year in business – and we have delivered a record year too!

A huge thanks to the BP team for their colossal hard work and to our clients who continue to support us.

When we set up the practice back in early 2010 in the depths of the financial crash, I remember being told that we must be mad! Then again, you are arguably better to set up at the bottom of the market that at the top………and here we are 10 years on.

Today the UK retail and leisure property market that we work within and love remains incredibly challenging, but these challenges have made the day job so varied more than ever and so rewarding.

With so much continued negativity out there in the marketplace, it is increasingly important for us to shout about the positives and defy the doom and gloom that the national press continue to thrive on. From our own point of view, we see every day how our town centres are changing at such an alarming yet interesting rate, and if a proactive and collaborative approach is NOT taken, then there is no denying that the so called ‘death of high street’ is sadly likely. However, the really encouraging sign is that where we have seen and been a part of the process where owners, occupiers, property professionals, local and central government do work together, there is a bright future for our high streets. What is undeniable is that the makeup of our future town centres will be very different in its overall offering we see today - they have to be to be sustainable.

It is difficult to ignore the technology and digital change over the past 10 years. We loved our Blackberries in 2010 and we took far too long to switch to Iphones! And here we are today, where we are expanding and witnessing our social media platforms become a huge part of the business in terms of both the brand but also how we interact with our clients and occupiers. We are confident this use will only grow in importance to us and our clients.

On reflection, today’s retail market may be viewed as the hardest it has been for over 20 years, but it has led us into areas that are so different and so enjoyable. As a result our approach is changing and adapting all the time, and that’s a great thing to be a part of. Our record 10th year is evidence of this!

Here’s to the next 10 years…………..