8th January 2020

There Are Some New Faces in Carlisle!

There Are Some New Faces in Carlisle!

Towards the end of 2019, Barker Proudlove were delighted to be appointed by Capreon as joint agents with Jamieson Mills on The Lanes Shopping Centre in Carlisle.

2019 was an exciting time for The Lanes, as during September and October the centre welcomed well established retailers Deichmann, River Island and Carlisle-founded Katie Loxton.

As a popular online retailer, Katie Loxton started her jewellery line, Joma Jewellery over 10 years ago. The Katie Loxton brand now holds physical retailer presence with 3 stores in the UK, of these Carlisle is the only Northern store.

Deichmann having over 100 stores in the UK represent the largest shoe retailer in Europe, and River Island currently trade from over 350 stores. To attract well-loved high street fashion retailers is a huge success for The Lanes.

All three new stores in Carlisle provides new, inviting and fresh offers for Carlisle shoppers. From visiting the newly upsized Katie Loxton space in December, it is still clear that we as consumers relish finding new retailers and differing products, being able to physically browse a completely new store still holds as much excitement as it did 10 or 20 years ago.

The Lanes Shopping Centre is continuing to evolve within the current retail environment. 2020 is set to be an exciting year for the city with different initiatives planned that will provide a unique offering to all kinds of consumers in Carlisle and further afield. Adding to the individuality of the centre is sure to be an exciting change and will attract even more shoppers to their local city centre.

Katie Loxton has certainly proved that the high street and our shopping centres still hold major potential for growing retailers. The bustling shop atmosphere is simply something all retailers cannot ignore, and why expansions continue to occur across all retail environments.

Importantly also, Carlisle shows that growing retailers don’t always start in the major cities, such as Manchester, Newcastle or London. Katie Loxton originated in Carlisle and the company decision to support the local retail environment in Carlisle sets a precedent for other growing retailers to support and be present in their local high streets and shopping centres. Our local retail environments provide opportunity for retailers to begin their retail story and become a unique anchoring retailer alongside some of the biggest nationwide retailers. Growing retailers provide different experiences and products to their local populations like the major cities may not be able to do as easily.

Barker Proudlove are looking forward to finding out about local retailers and leisure operators in and surrounding Carlisle and being part of The Lanes Shopping Centre. To find out about current opportunities here, please get in touch via the website or any of our social media channels.